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TDC #14: Keep Your Power

Jan 08, 2019

With just embarking into a new year, regardless of where you are on your cancer journey, I want to remind you of your own personal power, inspire you to step into it, and navigate your year and cancer journey from a position of empowerment. And here I’m not talking about ego, of course,...

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New Year, New Intention

Jan 06, 2019

Well,  I’m just going to come out and say it…

The new year can be a weird time when you have cancer.

Everyone around you is busy setting resolutions, declaring they’re going to lose 10lbs, learn Spanish, or master the trapeze ( ← seriously, this was my...

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TDC #13: Intention vs. Resolution

Jan 01, 2019

In time for New Year’s resolutions, I talk about intentions versus resolutions. Setting intentions is different than setting resolutions. Instead of focusing on the future and being attached to a certain outcome, intentions help anchor you to the present moment and put the focus firmly on...

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TDC #12: Estrogen

Dec 25, 2018

Closing the year with an episode on estrogen may seem strange but it’s also appropriate if we better understand the spiritual side of estrogen. Perhaps the nature starts taking away estrogen hormone to really slow us down, and by feeling overwhelmed about things that never phased you in the...

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TDC #11: Not a Santa List

Dec 18, 2018

After you’ve been sick for a long time the Santa list looks completely different. You may want some practical or luxurious items, but mainly I bet you are looking for experiences, and are after something meaningful. So I thought today, together we’ll create a different kind of list,...

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TDC #10: C is for… Ceremony

Dec 11, 2018

Ceremonies play an important role in our lives and in our healing. Today’s episode is about great benefits, insights and healing we get from ceremonies and rituals. Ceremonies are a collection of rituals that are intentionally and mindfully done. I talk about how rituals remind us of what...

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They don’t teach cancer at school

Dec 09, 2018

Do you ever feel like school didn’t do a very good job of preparing you for the real world?

Sure, you learned how to build a diorama, draw electricity from a potato, and tackle long division, but what about the REAL life skills--

Like time management, or how to do your taxes, or, you...

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TDC #09: Dreams Are Free

Dec 04, 2018


Dreams are extremely valuable free resource. Today’s episode is about great benefits, insights and healing we get from our dreams. I talk about how during sleep we process and integrate all of our cognitive thoughts and experiences, all of the non-verbal learning via all five...

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TDC #08: Miserable and Magical

Nov 27, 2018

 Today’s episode is about significance of opposing experiences simultaneously taking place in our lives, and how the difficult times of feeling miserable often lead to most magical and special moments of our lives. I talk about how there is nothing wrong with these opposing emotions...

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Selfish or self-full?

Nov 25, 2018

 We’ve all heard it.

We’ve all thought it.

And chances are we’ve said it once or twice, maybe even rolling our eyes for added effect...

Perhaps when a friend-of-a-friend shares that she takes a day off from her family every week, or when we overhear the lady next to us...

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