TDC #30: Cancer and FOMO: Fear of Missing Out Strikes Hard

May 07, 2019

One of the topics that comes up time and again with my cancer clients in the group setting and 1:1 is fear of missing out. Something that a lot of the women I work with talk to me about is their fear that they won’t see their children grow up, or that they will die too young and without...

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Are you anxious about cancer?

May 05, 2019

 Anxiety and cancer go hand-in-hand.

Even if you’ve never struggled with anxiety before, you might find yourself overwhelmed with it after a diagnosis. And if you’re somebody who has dealt with anxiety throughout your life, you’re probably consumed by anxious thoughts about...

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TDC #29: Cancer Community Matters: Why Learning, Caring & Having Fun Together Helps You Heal

Apr 30, 2019

Not all cancer communities are created equal. While some are helpful with treatments and side effects information, others are useful for emotional support. The key factors for a successful cancer community, I found over the years, are that the community provides a safe space for its members to...

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Surround Yourself with People Who Get It

Apr 28, 2019

While I was in college one of my part-time jobs was to work as a Math Assistant in a Math Lab which was a safe place within otherwise ‘scary’ Department of Mathematics -- or at least that’s the rep it got from the majority of students at this quaint liberal arts school tucked in...

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TDC #28: Cancer PTSD is Real: How to Cope with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Apr 23, 2019

Many people diagnosed with cancer also experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and for some, this persists and sometimes worsens with time, even after successful cancer treatment. PTSD is most often associated with traumatic events such as war, sexual and physical attacks, natural

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TDC #27: Self Judgement

Apr 16, 2019

Self-judgment creeps in for many, especially when we are on the cancer journey. In today’s episode, I share my struggle with recognizing, understanding, accepting self-criticism, and I also share the ways I self-coach myself through it all. It is all the process and we have to be honest...

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Healing Is an Inside Job

Apr 14, 2019

As my mentor and teacher Martha Beck says “you hold the keys to your own healing.”

Don’t look outside of yourself for happiness, success, freedom – the same goes for true healing. You hold all the power, wisdom and knowledge you need to heal your body, mind and soul...

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TDC #26: Morning Pages

Apr 09, 2019

Today’s episode is about a very useful exercise if you feel so overwhelmed and anxious that you don’t even know what’s making you feel that way. This exercise is so powerful whenever you feel emotionally stuck and cannot even decipher the causes or the main contributors to your...

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Interview: Practicing Self-Healing Through a Cancer Diagnosis with Ceca Mijatovic

Apr 08, 2019

There’s a lot of fear around cancer diagnosis, especially for women, and there’s also a lot of shame involved. Mindset work and emotional clearing are vastly undervalued when it comes to self-healing and receiving treatments.

I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with amazing Jill...

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TDC #25: Healing Intention

Apr 02, 2019

Today’s episode is about intention and significance of setting healing intention. We all know that Intention is more than just wishing, it's more than wanting, it's more than affirmation. Healing intention is a conscious mental choice to improve your health or the health of another....

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