Blaming cancer for everything?

Aug 09, 2019

The reality is that life can be hard one way or the other, especially if you are the kind of person that likes to learn, grow and evolve.

When we first start working together, there is a tendency among my clients to blame all life struggles on cancer, but hear me out:

  • if you are in midlife, you’d still be going through menopause
  • if your kids left home you’d still have to get used to being an empty nester
  • if you suffered with anxiety before, you’d probably have to deal with depression
  • if you had ongoing issues in your relationship, you might go through a divorce
  • if you have elderly parents, you may have to face the loss

And the list goes on… that’s life.

I’m pointing this out just to make you aware that cancer is responsible for lots of changes in your life, but not for all. There are many other things that happen to all of us that we cannot control, whether we have cancer or not. This is important to know so you realize that you’d still be figuring things out even if you didn’t have cancer.

You’d still need to decide on how to face other struggles and make choices about the life you want to live. So shift your focus on things you can control, and double-down on the effort you put into those things.

Here is the thing: cancer makes all those decisions more urgent and way more obvious.

So what is a decision you’ll make today in order to take charge of your mind, your body and your outcome?

If you are ready for the next step, join me at The 5 Proven Steps to Confront Your Cancer free class this Thursday, August 15st, at 1:00p ET, where I’ll teach you how to nurture yourself, reframe your thoughts and live with cancer and beyond!



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