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What do you want your cancer journey to look like?

Sep 08, 2019

What does your cancer journey look like right now?






Now ask yourself WHY.

The answer is probably a combination of feeling powerless and fearful.

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, most people find themselves just going through the motions. Making appointments. Going to the appointments. Driving home. Making more appointments. Feeling completely out of control of their own lives and health.

So let’s be real here.

Ask yourself WHO is actually in control of your life, RIGHT NOW.

Who decides how you spend your day?

Who decides the people that you spend time with, or the relationships that you put energy into?

Who decides how you treat your body today? 

You do! Not cancer. Not doctors. Not anybody else. You.

Now ask yourself how you want your cancer journey to look.

...Imagine doing things every day that fulfill you and bring you joy.

...Imagine finding meaning in the healing process.

...Imagine building deep relationships with other people who nurture you.

...Imagine making bold changes in your life and finally doing the things you’ve been putting off for years.

You already took the first step by reading this blog post. Now schedule a Clarity Session and let’s start mapping out your cancer journey.


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