Ep #54: Black Lives Matter Movement Needs White Responsibility

Jun 09, 2020

Today is a different kind of episode. Since the United States foundation is based on the oppression and exploitation of Black people – every one of us is inherently born into a system of racial inequality. In other words, all systems in the United States today are tilted to benefit White people. This is why it’s important for White people to stand up. To speak up. And to start discussions. Today I’m talking about how we can all participate in the long term change.


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

+   Why silence is a decision.

+   The relationship between a decision and a consequence.

+   The 5 Stages of Change that can be applied to personal and societal development.

+   Truth & Dare Quote: Instead of judging consequences we need to reflect on our decisions.


Featured on the Show:

+   Article Timeline of the British Empire

+   Episode 034: Approaching Cancer with Growth Mindset

+   Book Changing for Good by James Prochaska

+   The CAREER after CRISIS 4-day free challenge is taking place next week, June 15-18. In 4 days I’ll show you how to reinvent your career after cancer (and other crises). Register here. 

+   Anti-racism Resources:

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+   I’d love to hear your perspective and thoughts about the sleep deprivation topic – just tag me on Facebook or Instagram @truthanddarecancer handle


Full Episode Transcript:


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