Ep #32: Jordan Latham: Intentionally Living and Thriving After Cancer

Aug 20, 2019

My guest today is Jordan Latham, a breast cancer survivor, wife, mother, attorney, and fitness enthusiast. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 at the age of 31. She discovered the lump in her breast after losing 20lbs during the first month of her weight loss journey. Jordan is enthusiastic, reliable, dedicated and a leader: she has that take-charge rise-up attitude and spirit that encourages others to get things done, and all that with a smile on their face. Because of these traits, she is highly
sought after by colleagues in her practice as well as by friends and acquaintances in her professional and personal circles and social organizations. Jordan eloquently provides her perspective and wisdom on life after cancer which is valuable insight
for those currently on the cancer journey. My vision for today’s episode is to inspire women with cancer to look beyond cancer as well as to shift perspective on cancer as an important element or a catalyst for positive change in life moving forward.


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

How we all struggle in similar ways which brings us closer together and confirms that we all need encouragement and support

Why putting yourself first is essential for overcoming cancer and healing

How exercising your way to physical and mental health is critical for recovery (and sanity)

Insightful perspective on how to approach strains in personal relationships while on the cancer journey

Why learning how to be flexible with commitments is one of the best lessons in life

Why shifting the perspective on cancer is important, and how to leverage cancer as a catalyst for positive change


Featured on the Show:

+  Jordan Latham, attorney (@cardihuxtable)

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