Are you in the driver’s seat?

Aug 25, 2019

When we first get diagnosed, I don’t think any of us wants to be in the driver’s seat.

We’d much rather let doctors, “experts,” family members, books, the internet, ANYBODY, make decisions for us.

But once the shock wears off and you’re left with a cancer diagnosis and a whole bunch of decisions that need to be made, you have two choices: get in the driver’s seat or stay in the back seat.

I get it: the driver’s seat is scary!

It means that you’re the boss of your own health. That you are placing full trust in your own hands. That you are taking back your life. Which also means that if you get it wrong, it’s on you. That you might get your hopes up. That you can’t just point at somebody else and say, “they told me that I should!”

But...what’s the alternative? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Feeling like your cancer is controlling your entire life? For me, that wasn’t an option. I knew that if I stayed in the back seat, I was going to be consumed by my cancer and lose my identity as Ceca, mathematician and life coach, and entrepreneur and leader. I knew that even if I made mistakes, or took a wrong turn, the only way forward was with me behind the wheel.

And was it worth it? Absolutely. I tell all of my clients that the first step in their journey is to get back in the driver’s seat. If you are living life from the back seat, you are missing out. Period.

P.S. Schedule your Clarity Session today and let’s take the first step towards getting you behind the driver’s seat of your own life.




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