TDC #45: Part 2: The 5 Stages of Cancer Grief: Anger

Feb 04, 2020

Today’s episode is a part 2 in a 5-part series called The 5 Stages of Cancer Grief, and today’s segment is all about Anger. Research is now showing that suppressed anger is a contributor to cancer, and that it can affect the progression of the disease. Our culture has socialized...

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Heal your cancer with beginner’s mind

Jan 24, 2020

Practicing a beginner’s mindset puts you in a position to learn faster and master new skills. 

By consciously deciding to approach a situation as a beginner, you come to it with wonder and curiosity, like a child. 

This is a very different energy and produces very different...

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TDC #44: Part 1: The 5 Stages of Cancer Grief: Denial

Jan 21, 2020

Today’s episode is a start of a 5-part series called The 5 Stages of Cancer Grief, and I’m diving into the first segment that’s all about Denial. Understanding these grief stages demystifies the struggle of grieving, and this knowledge empowers you to cope with your feelings...

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TDC #43: Sara Dean: Shameless Tips for Moms with Cancer

Jan 14, 2020

Today’s show features an interview with my friend and women entrepreneurs mastermind mate Sara Dean. Sara Dean is the creator and host of the Shameless Mom Academy Podcast, a top-rated podcast with over 2 million downloads. Sara’s biggest passion is helping women own their space....

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The power of Divine Feminine energy

Jan 12, 2020

Whether you are male or female, gay or straight or transgender, we all have both masculine and feminine energies inside us. 

Chinese medicine calls these yin (feminine energy) and yang (masculine energy). 

The iconic yin and yang symbol shows these energies in perfect balance: 


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TDC #42: Conceptual Cancer: Healing Social Constructs

Jan 07, 2020

In today’s #truthanddarecancer podcast episode I talk about cancer with a different perspective. We have just embarked into a new year and a new decade, and instead of talking about some random resolutions and trivial goals, and give you strategies to achieve them, I’d like to talk...

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What’s your cancer-ever-after?

Dec 29, 2019

January is named for the two-faced Roman god, Janus.

One side faces the ending of the old year; the other side faces the beginning of the new.

I love that the end is the same path as the beginning. It’s the same duality as darkness and light. 

Beginning/ending. Darkness/light....

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TDC #41: Cancer at Christmas

Dec 24, 2019


Today on the Truth & Dare Cancer podcast I’m talking about gifts to give yourself this Christmas. The holidays can be a strange time of year when you have cancer. Culture is telling you that Christmas is sparkles and twinkly lights and perfectly wrapped presents, which is...

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What about us, cancer?

Dec 13, 2019

Have you ever had an experience that stopped you in your tracks and brought you back into the present moment?

Recently I had a busy busy week preparing to launch my DARE Cancer structured coaching community. I knew I needed to get out of my head, so I left my home office and went out for a...

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TDC #40: DARE Cancer: Let’s heal together

Dec 10, 2019

Today’s episode is about my DARE Cancer structured coaching community: get all the details and learn about its benefits, what it includes, membership levels, and transformation in provides. DARE Cancer is for you if treating your cancer isn’t enough. If your goal is to heal your...

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