Ep #35: The 5 Stages of Cancer Grief

Oct 01, 2019

In today’s episode, I teach you about the five stages of grief. Understanding these grief stages demystifies the struggle of grieving, and this knowledge empowers you to cope with your feelings and the process of healing. It’s important to find ways to honor each stage, rather than eliminate it. Knowing that a cancer diagnosis can shatter your self-image, in this episode I help you with the
uncovering and the release of inner-self.


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

Understanding of the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

How to cope with your feelings and the process of healing.

The importance of honoring each grieving stage in order to heal.

How to identify each stage and move toward acceptance.

Truth & Dare Quote: Embrace what has been put in front of you: a path that you did not choose, but one that was chosen for you. You will grow through this experience!


Featured on the Show:

Book On Death and Dying by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

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If you need help grappling with these 5 stages of cancer grief, or you entered the acceptance stage but not sure how to move forward, let’s get on a brief call and talk through your current challenges and determine how best I can help you. Book your free 15-minute clarity session here, or go to https://www.truthanddarecancer.com/call.

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