Ep #41: Cancer at Christmas

Dec 24, 2019


Today on the Truth & Dare Cancer podcast I’m talking about gifts to give yourself this Christmas. The holidays can be a strange time of year when you have cancer. Culture is telling you that Christmas is sparkles and twinkly lights and perfectly wrapped presents, which is totally not the case. Especially if you are going through or living with cancer.


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

Why practicing the art of receiving is important for your healing

How to prioritize your time and money for gifts to give yourself

How to reach your highest healing potential

Why transforming your life through cancer is essential for your healing

Truth & Dare Quote: By not paying attention to what your cancer is teaching you, how else are you paying?


Featured on the Show:

+  Registration RE-OPEN as a gift to you for DARE Cancer coaching program: December 22-26, 2019

+  Episode TDC #37: Part 1: Cancer is a Path to Self-Discovery: Self-Love

+  Episode TDC #38: Part 2: Cancer is a Path to Self-Discovery: Self-Care

+  Episode TDC #39: Part 3: Cancer is a Path to Self-Discovery: Self-Heal

+   WANT TO CREATE A LIFE YOU DESERVE? Whether your goal is to get healthy, change careers, improve relationships, focus on self-care… You can create whatever you desire. If you need help figuring it out, it's time for private coaching, no more waiting for Monday.


Full Episode Transcript:

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