Did You Know that Many of us are Actually Addicts? [VIDEO]

May 19, 2020

Obsession is having a moment in our culture right now.

In my video, I talk about recurring thoughts, urges or images that you have a physical or psychological inability to control. 

This could be excessive time spent on social media, an addiction to online shopping, binge-watching Netflix, working too much, or even getting addicted to being sick. Since we are highly adaptive beings, it is possible for us to get used to certain circumstances like illness, even when we are on a path to recovery.

It’s really important that you notice these obsessive patterns and address them because:

+   The more you are addicted or obsessing over a certain behavior or pattern, the further away you are from your inner compass and true nature. 

 Society actually wants you to be obsessive and addicted to certain things. This keeps you further away from who you truly are and it means you continue feeding into certain economic systems like consumerism or the beauty industry.

In this video I give three questions that you can ask yourself around addiction. 

Once you have asked yourself these questions, it will help you realize what you need to do differently to interrupt these obsessions. 

It’s important during difficult times that you take the opportunity of your day-to-day pattern interruptions to recognize where you have compulsive behaviors or obsessions, because now is the time for change. 

Change is necessary to align with your true nature, to move forward with intention, and to bring yourself closer to joy and happiness. And who doesn’t want that?

If you are going to obsess about anything, I’d say you should get obsessive about returning to your true nature and your true self.

If you watched the video and want help with addressing your addiction or obsessive behaviors, it’s time for private coaching. I’ll help you work through these obsessions and replace them with more meaningful thoughts, actions and habits.


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