Are you becoming addicted to being sick?

Mar 10, 2019

Addiction and compulsion not only became a norm these days, they are even celebrated in our culture! We are conditioned and encouraged to become competitive and obsessive – just observe TV shows and commercials, most workplaces, even the parks and playgrounds. Most everyone has some form of obsession: working, exercise, physical appearance, food, sex, shopping… you name it.

In many ways people’s lives are spinning out of control, and sadly, this doesn’t exclude young adults and children.

Here is the thing: our subconscious mind is extremely adaptable and malleable, so it can easily apply the same daily pattern to a new situation (i.e. cancer). And you wouldn't even notice, because it feels as 'it comes naturally’ to you. Here are some questions to ask yourself:


 Have you stopped taking your daily supplements?

Have you given up on finding new innovative healing solutions?

Did you stop caring about your feelings and/or interests?


While answers to these questions vary greatly based on where you are on your cancer journey, and on your unique circumstances, I just want you to compassionately consider a possibility that you may be becoming addicted to being sick.

By observing your attitude through this lens you may gain better understanding of your daily actions, and get insight into turning your cancer experience around (and not just write things off as a depression, which is already becoming a broad and overwhelming category to tackle).

So I say, if you are a going to be compulsive about something, be compulsive about self-healing! 

Starting tomorrow, I can help you overcome these compulsions and claim your new normal. Just join my FREE Five Days to Claim New Normal challenge and set yourself up for major healing in 2019. Click here to register.




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