TDC #08: Miserable and Magical

Nov 27, 2018

 Today’s episode is about significance of opposing experiences simultaneously taking place in our lives, and how the difficult times of feeling miserable often lead to most magical and special moments of our lives. I talk about how there is nothing wrong with these opposing emotions and experiences taking place at the same time. In fact, they must come together, so I teach you how to seek magic in misery.


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

+   The value of opposing experiences simultaneously taking place in our lives.

+   How to find magic in misery, and how they go hand in hand.

+   Effective exercise of contrasting misery and magic and how to stay open to identifying magic when you are going through difficult moments.

+   Truth & Dare Quote: Misery and magic come together: as soon as you experience misery start looking for magic in that very same experience.


Featured on the Show:

Taylor Swift, song 22, from Red album.

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