What do you have to gain?

Mar 24, 2019

Last year I took my nieces to a Taylor Swift concert and they were super excited, they loved it, it was their first concert ever! They were dancing, singing along with Taylor, and taking many photos and videos as kids do these days. And then she sang a song from an earlier album:

“We're happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time; it's miserable and magical, oh yeah”

This line stopped me in my tracks, I had that gut reaction to it. As I reflected on it the following day, the miserable and magical were greatly opposing yet balancing dualities, no different than all nature. They are the two sides of the same coin, I thought. Taylor was referring to that in-between time when you are an adolescent: you are no longer a child and you are not yet an adult. So you look like a grown-up, you walk and talk like an adult, but inside you are still a kid in lots of ways.

Not only that there is nothing wrong with holding these opposing emotions and experiences, in many ways they must come together: so when there is misery we need to understand it and approach it with curiosity, and then gradually start looking for magic. I know, it’s counter intuitive -- our cognitive thinking is opposed to it.

But… it’s from this space of misery that magic happens.

This is exactly what any kind of deep transformation process feels like: on one hand it’s exciting, liberating and inviting, yet on the other, it feels scary, strange and massive.

The cancer journey is no different. I’m here to inspire you and teach you how to seek out that other side of the cancer coin, if you would.

Essentially, how to go from:

  > “why me” to deliberate “I choose me“

  > “Somehow I failed me” to “I’m honoring me”

  > feeling angry, broken and lost to effectively dealing with depression and pitfalls

  > being too overwhelmed to implement changes to knowing the next best step

  > not knowing how to assimilate to new life to creating balanced daily experience


So next time you feel hopeless, stuck or defeated, ask yourself what do I have to gain?


Need help with victoriously claiming your gain? I can help you identify the changes needed and teach you the exact step-by-step strategies to heal your life and live on your terms. My next round of I Can Cancer for women who want to transform their cancer from the thing they have into healing process they can master starts soon – book a call + fill out short application to apply.




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