What Do You Have Time For?

Oct 18, 2019

In her book Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott tells a story about going shopping with her best friend Pammy, who was dying of breast cancer. 

Looking for a date outfit, Anne tries on a lavender minidress (which, she assures the reader, is not her usual style). 

Anne writes, “The dress fit perfectly, and I came out to model it for [Pammy]. I stood there feeling very shy and self-conscious and pleased. Then I said, 'Do you think it makes my hips look too big?' and she said to me slowly, ‘Annie? I really don’t think you have that kind of time.’”

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, time takes on a new meaning. 

Suddenly, you can see *so clearly* how other people seem to be wasting their time. 

Wasting their time worrying about their weight - when they still have their health. Wasting their time worrying about where their kid will go to college - when their kid is still at home with them. Wasting their time in a low-paying job - when they have the ability to work anywhere. 

You have a different lens now.

You know you don’t have unlimited time on this planet. 

How can you spend your own energy differently, knowing that time is of the essence? 

Maybe you always wanted to run a marathon, and now you’re not physically able to run. Don’t let this stop you from finding other places in your life where you can honor your true desires.

Maybe you can’t run a marathon right now. 

What can you do? What can you make time and space for?

Maybe you want to learn a new language. Paint every day. Reach out to an old friend. 

Honor your desire and take action where you can. 

It’s not all or nothing…this isn’t a zero-sum game.

When we take action somewhere, the universe honors that. Our intention and energy boomerang, and return to us in unexpected ways. 

We just have to be on the lookout.


Are you ready to spend your energy differently, knowing that time is of the essence? Book your Clarity Session now and let's explore how I can help you move through your cancer journey feeling calm, clear, and *seriously* empowered.



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