They don’t teach cancer at school

Dec 09, 2018

Do you ever feel like school didn’t do a very good job of preparing you for the real world?

Sure, you learned how to build a diorama, draw electricity from a potato, and tackle long division, but what about the REAL life skills--

Like time management, or how to do your taxes, or, you know… talk about cancer?

Research shows that 1 in every 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. They’re high odds. And it means that 99.9% of people will be affected by cancer in some way, whether they have it or are close to someone who does.

So why don’t we know how to talk about it?

Telling someone you have cancer usually means you have to deal with an awkward silence, wallow in their pity, or sit patiently as they list off everyone else they know who’s had cancer… along with all their outcomes.

And it’s just not helpful.

It can be a really tricky conversation to navigate, because half the time you don’t know what to say either… and these conversations start to feel like another piece of the puzzle that’s out of your control.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead of stumbling through a drawn-out process of trial and error, you can proactively learn how to navigate the conversations *and* situations your cancer puts you in by reaching out to the experts, whether that’s a trained professional, someone who’s already been through cancer, or (ideally) someone who checks both boxes.  

By investing in this kind of support, you can take all those awkward conversations by the horns, let those around you know how they can support you best, and have meaningful interactions at every point in your journey.

And trust me… this alone can change your whole experience.

Knowing how to talk about your cancer in a productive way allows you to share the burden, receive useful support, talk about the stuff that really matters, and feel like you’re more in control.

So get talking. And if you need help, invest in an expert. I promise you it will be money well spent.   


Looking for someone to help guide you through your cancer journey and out the other side? That’s exactly what Truth & Dare Cancer is all about. If you need help getting started, book a free call, and we’ll explore how you can take the first step.




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