Look What You Made Me Do, Cancer!

Aug 19, 2018

What a difference a year makes.

Twelve months ago, I was sitting in my car in shock. Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do was playing on the radio, and her lyrics were reverberating through me as I reached a tough realization. (pssst, you can read more about it here)

I was in the midst of my transformative cancer journey and I had what felt like a very long road still stretched out ahead. As well as the doctors’ appointments, surgeries, tests, and - hopefully - recovery, I had my whole life to reconsider.

My corporate job was no longer working for me, I was carrying spme relationships that were wearing me down, and - most importantly, I had a soul that was sick of being ignored.

Luckily I had a knack for transformations...

I got to work, coaching myself through my disease and my dis-ease. One of the biggest changes I made was finally committing to my true purpose: helping women with cancer heal themselves and use their diagnosis as a powerful catalyst for change.

And now, almost a year to the day from that moment in my car, it’s official!

My business is up and running, and I’m co-creating a program (alongside women just like you) that will forever change how we approach dealing with cancer.

I’ve brought my purpose to life!

I’d be lying if I said starting this business hasn’t been scary. I’m putting myself in the spotlight after many years, and stepping outside the corporate world that fed and clothed me for 25 years. At times, I feel incredibly vulnerable.

But, more often, I feel calm and deeply grateful that I’m finally sitting with my truth and my purpose.

Last weekend, I took my two beautiful nieces to their first ever concert. It was Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour.

The tickets were a birthday present for my nieces, but the concert ended up being a present to myself.

Half-way through the set, Taylor played Look What You Made Me Do.

My first thought was ‘what a difference a year makes!’. A year ago, when I first heard the song, I was frozen in my car; feelings of hurt, overwhelm and loss washing over me.

This time I smiled and soaked in every single second, enjoying the realization that I got more out of my cancer than it got out of me.  

In that moment, I felt I was in the flow. I was moved by how many girls (many of whom are now women) Taylor has positively influenced with her music, and felt - strongly -  that it was now my turn to start helping.

“Look what you made me do, cancer,” I thought, a bright, wide smile spreading across my face. “Look what you made me do.”

If you want to transform your cancer from a thing you have into a process you can master, join the I Can Cancer waitlist. I Can Cancer is a step-by-step, 10-week coaching program that gives you everything you need (from knowledge and how-to tools to coaching and social support) to move through your cancer journey feeling calm, clear, and seriously empowered.


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