Interview: Dealing with Cancer in Midlife with Ceca Mijatovic

Feb 10, 2019

Last month I had a pleasure of being a guest on Women in the Middle show by master coach Suzy Rosenstein. Women in the Middle is a podcast for women in their 50’s who don’t want to let life pass them by. We talk about how cancer can be a catalyst for positive change and how to navigate the cancer landscape and *grow* from the experience. I share my personal story, and several tools and tips I used along the way through my cancer journey and recovery.

What you’ll learn from this interview: 

+   How cancer can be empowering.

 Why cancer can help you make yourself a priority.

+   Why you’re so much more than your diagnosis.

+   How being trained as a Life Coach turned out to be a gift when I faced my cancer crisis.

+   How cancer can help you follow your heart and connect with your deeper personal wisdom.

+   Why it’s so important to learn how to ask for help.

+   How cancer can actually help you shape the rest of your life for the better.


Don’t miss it! Listen to the interview here.


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