Healing Is an Inside Job

Apr 14, 2019

As my mentor and teacher Martha Beck says “you hold the keys to your own healing.”

Don’t look outside of yourself for happiness, success, freedom – the same goes for true healing. You hold all the power, wisdom and knowledge you need to heal your body, mind and soul regardless of what you are going through or experiencing. Your body is so powerful, so intelligent and so capable that you must not doubt its ability to heal.

One of the most powerful ways to align with your body’s ability to heal is by setting a healing intention. We all know that Intention is more than just wishing; it's more than wanting; it's more than affirmation.

According to wiki “intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought.” I’d also add that something profound happens subconsciously and as part of the collective conscience when we set the intention.

A while back I heard Dr. Deepak Chopra provide a great insight on intention. He explained that in Sanskrit there are four levels of intention:

Level 1 is Para: when intention is in a seed form you don’t even know that it’s there, hence this level is called Para which means beyond or transcendent

Level 2 is Parashanti: when intention is on a cusp of manifested and unmanifested

Level 3 is Madeama: which is intention at the thought level

Level 4 is Makari: at the level of speech and putting it out there in the world

Essentially the deeper you go with the intention the more backing you receive. The key, he explained, is to anchor and release the intention.

So what can you do today to develop healing intention?

In western medicine we are thought the healing is an absence of a disease. However I firmly believe, which is in alignment with eastern medicine, that true healing is not just the absence of a disease, but rather a harmony of our mind, our emotions, our body and our environment, and the ultimate goal is to achieve balance of these interconnected systems.

With that in mind there are some very real ways you can cultivate healing intention and use the power of your thoughts and emotions to improve your health or the health of someone close to you.

If you don’t truly believe that you can be healed, however, or if some part of you is holding onto the disease or condition, you might disrupt or limit your own inherent capacity to heal on a subconscious level.

By developing healing intention, you set the stage for healing to occur. So, here are three ways you can develop healing intention:

  1. Awareness

What goes on with our thoughts and emotions is profound and affects our bodies. Becoming aware of our bodies’ subtle signals, such as changes in energy levels throughout the day, helps us be more attuned with our inner environment. Awareness of your body and mind and the inner aspects of your being - your spirit or soul - must be brought to the level of your conscious mind. This allows you to change behaviors that don’t contribute to your healing process.

  1. Inner Connection

The challenge is to open up communication channels to your deep, inner self. Some do this through meditation, chanting, prayer; others do it simply by sitting quietly and getting in touch with a calm space within themselves. By making this connection, it is possible to direct your intention to bring the sense of peace and healing to yourself and others in your life.

  1. Ceremonies & Rituals

In many ways rituals help access the Parashanti  level of intention, which is when intention in on a cusp of manifested and unmanifested -- and that’s where the magic happens (I talk about this in more detail in the C is for Ceremony podcast episode). Ceremonies are a collection of rituals that are intentionally and mindfully done. In addition to intention, the symbols play a key role in a ceremony. The symbolism of the ritualized actions and behaviors is imprinted in our subconscious mind, and as such plays an important role in the holistic healing process.

Inner healing is a conscious mental choice to improve your health or the health of others in your life. It includes the expectation of improved well-being and the hope that a desired health goal can be reached. Ultimately, it includes the belief that healing is possible and that well-being will occur.

Are you ready to set your healing intention today? 

And if you need clarity and direction on how to frame your intentions and use your cancer as a powerful catalyst for change, let’s get on a brief call and explore how we can achieve that together. Book your free clarity session here.



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