Did You (Already) Know?

Aug 12, 2018

I was driving away from LAX in my rental to the magnificent land five hours and five centuries east of Los Angeles. I finally arrived to this ancient desert where its beautiful jewels – mottled bark, roots running 20 feet or more under the arid ground – gracefully stood five feet tall. They were everywhere. Black and quiet against morning sunrise and purple and tired during sunsets, the Joshua Trees are sacred and proud. And so is the town named after them. 

As a life coach I realized early on that healing and getting information on the subconscious level is equally, and in some cases more important, than self-improvements we make consciously.  So I started learning about ancient healing techniques, reading the books, attending seminars, going on retreats. This quest for learning ancient healing methods brought me to a five-day workshop in Josha Tree, a beautiful desert town in Southern California. The workshop focused on teaching techniques of gathering soul parts, what ancients believed to be the parts of fragmented soul that we lose over the years of conditioning and socializing. In ancient China they believed that we have over three-thousand soul parts, while ancient Egyptians settled for a handful of soul components.

There is also a belief among shamans that every organ has its own soul, its own energy. I can see that to be true even from the scientific point of view. If you think about it, we are electric and electromagnetic beings, so each organ has its own electric charge created by the bloodstream pulses, chemical reactions, and its own core functions.

By the fourth day of the workshop at this magnificent ancient land, everyone has been altered by the powerful work we were immersed in for days; it’s one of those collective experiences of connectedness that has a quality of magic. It seemed that we took on the energy of locals who were relaxed and giddy, almost in trance, and one with nature. We were divided into pairs and asked to each pick an organ which we wanted the other person to work on. And what I mean by work, is “energetically” revitalizing the organ which, our workshop partner believed, needed some help. My workshop partner picked her eyes for me to work on, and I picked my uterus.

Yep, my uterus. What? It wasn’t until five months later that I had a dream about having to see a gynecologist, and a month after, that I was diagnosed with stage 1 uterine cancer.

Was it precognitive knowledge, my psychic abilities, a freak-show, or just a mere coincidence? Call it what you want, but looking back on that experience I am convinced that deep inside we know what our ultimate distress and sufferings are. I am here to tell you that if we are able and willing to look deep enough, we can find the roots and truth about our disease before it actually surfaces in the form of a medical diagnosis.

Going back, way back, to the source is the key to lasting recovery – ultimate healing is deeply rooted in our own truth. It’s devastating and scary to know that it is up to us to uncover the root cause of our dis-ease. However, it is also grounding and empowering.

Long time before your diagnosis, did you already know, on some level, that your body is not well, that something is wrong? Were you uneasy, contemplating seeking help, and even self-medicating? What made you finally see a doctor? Were you surprised to get the cancer news or did you already know?

Whenever you feel ready, share in the FB group. It will be interesting to see how your story is similar to others, and also what makes it a unique experience. Because, the more we share and understand about our dis-ease the more effective we become in overcoming our disease.


Much Love,


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