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Feb 04, 2019

I’ve been reflecting on all my reading and research about cancer, and noticed that almost all conventional cancer treatments solely focus on treating chemistry and physiology of the body. Essentially treating the body as a discrete set of parts or as machine vs. taking into consideration that our bodies are complex ecosystems, a complex network of interconnected systems and energies.

It became clear to me as I was going through my cancer journey that we also need to heal at the level of essence (or soul), and focus on clearing the negative/heavy energy that’s stuck in our body, and in turn, this healing will then ”trickle down” and effect our chemistry and physiology. Let’s face it, our thoughts and emotions in addition to our actions and diet, greatly affect our immune system.

So I am convinced that alongside conventional treatment regimen, we also need to clear and heal the emotional aspects of our experience if we want to get well. This work needs to be consistent and deliberate; another words, substantial mindset and personal work needs to be done on an ongoing basis.

What if our disease is partially caused by unresolved trauma, negative stories we tell ourselves, and deeply rooted limiting beliefs and misfortunes from the past?

And how about all the feelings we carry at some point while on this challenging journey, and their impact on our immune system? Feelings like anger, bitterness, sadness, frustration, resentment, feeling invisible, despair, depression, unworthiness, self-judgement, self-criticism and any other heavy emotion that we may be carrying?

And thoughts like “I must be failing if I feel this way, buckle up, what’s wrong with me?”

Logic does not remove negative emotions, and by ignoring or denying these feelings we are taught to think that we are being strong. What if I tell you that the opposite is true: that being strong means being vulnerable, and allowing yourself to feel and learn how to clear these emotions and neutralize your thoughts.

And just to be clear, there is a difference between clearing negative emotions and giving into them. It’s important to recognize our feelings and work through them, but not identify with them, and not become those feeling.

So please remember: feel and clear you emotions, you are grander than this disease, all wise, and all knowing. I want to encourage you to make a heart connection, to mother yourself daily and to invoke self-love.

Be gentle, kind, loving and forgiving toward yourself. Recognize and give yourself credit for how far you’ve come.

It is totally possible to walk through sadness and feel clear and calm on this journey which in turn will fuel every cell of your body with love, joy and vital life-force energy! 

PS: For more details on how unresolved ancestral trauma within a family system can carry down from generation to generation until it gets resolved within that family system, listen to last week’s interview with Dr. Marie Rodriguez. Studies show that this type of trauma has a deeply rooted effect on our mental and physical health, including disease like cancer.



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