TDC #14: Keep Your Power

Jan 08, 2019

With just embarking into a new year, regardless of where you are on your cancer journey, I want to remind you of your own personal power, inspire you to step into it, and navigate your year and cancer journey from a position of empowerment. And here I’m not talking about ego, of course, I’m talking about your personal power. The tools I’m teaching you in this episode along with setting clear intentions which I covered in the last episode (TDC #13), are significantly more valuable than writing
annual resolutions.


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

+   Three easy ways to step into and keep your personal power.

+   The history and meaning of number one (known as Monad) and how it relates to you being in the center of your power, being the one in the midst of all wisdom.

+   Why it’s important for your healing to step into your power and navigate your journey from the position of empowerment.

+   Truth & Dare Quote: Imagine yourself in the center of the Monad circle, being the one in the midst of all wisdom. You are all wise, and all knowing -- just remember that.


Featured on the Show:

TDC #13: Intention vs. Resolution

TDC #01: C is for… Choice

Look What You Made

If you are intrigued by the hidden meaning of numbers and letters, I suggest reading a book titled The Secret Science of Numerology“ by Shirley Blackwell Lawrence.

+  Join the Truth & Dare Cancer Facebook group. It’s a safe space where I and lots of other like-minded women with cancer hang out and share our stories, struggles, tips, and support.

To stop identifying with your cancer, take three empowering steps outlined in the free You Are Not Your Cancer guide.

+ If you’re looking for a way to use your cancer as a powerful catalyst for change, let’s get on a brief call and explore how we can achieve that together. To book a free call, click here.

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