TDC #04: Healing Vibes of Trees

Oct 23, 2018

Today’s episode is about importance of trees in our lives and in our healing. I talk about the vast intelligence of trees and plants and their healing properties. Studies show that just by sitting with a tree and having direct contact with it, we attune to the life force energy. In fact, even if we look at the life size photo or a mural of a tree, our body knows or remembers the healing effect that tree has on us.



What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

+   The vast intelligence of trees and plants and their healing properties

+   How to leverage tree energy for your healing

+   How to attune with tree’s energy and attain wisdom and guidance

+   Truth & Dare Question: How are you incorporating nature in your healing regimen?


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 Featured on the Show:

+   In the recent years, the benefits of Tree Hugging have been Scientifically Validated, learn more: https://themindunleashed.com/2013/07/tree-hugging-now-scientifically.html

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to Truth & Dare Cancer, the only podcast that teaches you how to supercharge your self-healer, navigate fear, and recalibrate your life by using cancer as a powerful catalyst for change. On this show we get real about all things cancer. And now here’s your host, cancer survivor, mathematician and certified life coach, Ceca Mijatovic.

Hello and welcome! Today’s episode is about importance of trees in our lives and in our healing.

I always loved trees. When I was little I was so captivated by trees, I felt trees were like us…they were my friends. And then in school early on I learned that trees give us life: they produce oxygen and process our waste, they take on carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen which is essential for our survival. Once I learned that I was intrigued. That’s when I got so much love and respect for trees.

Interestingly enough, these days scientific evidence gives “tree hugging” phrase a whole new meaning. There are numerous studies that show wide range of benefits to being in direct contact with a tree.  Trees are natural processors that can help transmute body's sick or negative energy into positive, vital life force energy. Think about it – they already transmute waste from every breath we take into a vital element for our survival. And let’s not forget that oxygen from our tree muses is also consumed by all mammals walking on the planet earth. I’m gonna pause now to let the magnitude of the gift by trees sync in. 

See, trees have been around for thousands of years before we even came to be on this earth. They contain such wisdom and energy, that life force energy that’s so easily and directly accessible to us just by spending time with a tree.

And what do I mean by that? Spending time with a tree means standing or sitting in a close proximity to a tree, preferably under its branches, and being in touch with it in some form. So either standing and facing the tree trunk while touching it with your palm, or standing and leaning against it, or sitting under the tree and leaning with your back against the tree trunk.

Studies show that just by sitting with a tree and having direct contact with it, we attune to the life force energy. In fact, even if we look at the life size photo or a mural of a tree, our body knows or remembers the healing effect that tree has on us, so just by looking at an image of a tree, we are triggered in a positive way, and healing energy Chi starts moving throughout our body!

In the show notes I’ll include a link to the article on benefits of tree hugging that have been scientifically validated.

It’s not a coincidence that Buddha was enlightened by meditating under a tree. Also that one of the fundamental yoga poses is a tree pose. This pose grounds us to the earth with our feet and with our hands either joint together connects us to our hearts or with arms stretched above our heads we receive from the skies.

There have been numerous research studies done to show that trees and plants in general are vastly intelligent, it’s just that they speak a different language. I would say their intelligence is encoded differently, in a way that we are just now beginning to understand. We are just scratching the surface by having basic understanding why, for example, essential oils derived from the plants have so many healing properties, and simply put, why fruits and vegetables play essential role in our health and vitality.

So for your healing I really encourage you to meet your tree: it can be by going outside, or buying and planting a tree for your bedroom, or getting a large photo or a mural of a tree and putting it in your home where you spend most of your time.

Keep in mind that small trees don’t have enough energy to match yours and heal you, and that gigantic trees may overwhelm you with the amount of their energy when you are sick. So, it’s best to select the tree that’s medium size and feels right to you.

In the show notes you’ll find a link to a guide outlining tree types that have different healing properties, and it’s also a handout for the following 30-day quest -

It’s simple, step outside and meet your tree. I invite you to jot down how this experience moves you. And if you felt a connection I suggest this 30-day quest: every day for the next month meet with your tree, that same tree you connected with the first day: you can start by sitting together for 5-10 minutes so your energies attune, and then gradually you can increase the amount of time you spend together. Once you feel attuned, you can ask for a specific healing, and you can also seek wisdom from the tree by asking for guidance. These questions are not the yes or no questions, but rather open ended questions where there is space opened for wisdom. They usually start with “Teach me how….”  (to handle something, to do something, to receive) or “Show me why…” (this is important, this needs to be handled differently)

Also, answer this question: how are you incorporating nature in your healing regime?

To recap: befriend a tree and attune to it: you can go outside to meet your tree, or plant a tree and keep it in your home, or install a mural of a tree somewhere in the house there you spend most of your time. The most important aspect is to intentionally spend time with your tree.

Commit your impressions in writing until we speak again! And in the meantime, I dare you to find the truth in your cancer.

Thanks for tuning in. If you want to stop identifying with your cancer, you can download a free “You Are Not Your Cancer” guide at www.truthanddarecancer.com/podcastfreeguide.




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