TDC #02: Numbers Are Out

Oct 09, 2018

Today’s episode is about why we need to stop buying into numbers and statistics. In many cases, people take the data they’re given as an absolute, unavoidable truth. But, the more complex the data, the more room for misinterpretation. I talk about using numbers as guidance, as indicators or part of the picture, but not as an ultimate truth.



What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

 Why not to take the data and stats you’re given as an absolute, unavoidable truth.

+   Numbers and data can be manipulated to paint and support almost any kind of story.

 Numbers are great to use as a guidance, but not as an ultimate truth.

+   Truth & Dare Question: next time you stare at the stats -- What is this number NOT telling me?


Listen to the Full Episode:



Featured on the Show:

+   Truth & Dare Quote: Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support, not illumination." -- Vin Scully

+   Recent blog post: Stop Buying into Numbers & Statistics.

+   Join the Truth & Dare Cancer Facebook group. It’s a safe space where I and lots of other like-minded women with cancer hang out and share our stories, struggles, tips, and support.

+   To stop identifying with your cancer, take three empowering steps outlined in the free You Are Not Your Cancer guide.

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