The 5 Proven Steps to Confront Your Cancer: Prime Your Mind, Body and Soul for Healing

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This 1-hour training will transform the way you experience cancer!

During This Training, You'll Learn How To...

Nurture Yourself

Walk away from victimizing yourself and shift your focus on mastering self-care: from nutrition to creating healthy boundaries, learn how nurturing yourself sets your body up to receive treatments and self-heal. 

Reframe Your Thorughts

Stop feeling tired, anxious and depressed by balancing your thoughts, challenging your beliefs and engaging all of your senses to shift your mindset to rest-and-restore state.

Live with Cancer & Beyond

Use your cancer as a powerful catalyst for change. Starting now, only do what matters to you the most, and live every day feeling present, clear, calm and  empowered. 

"Working with Ceca is like being illuminated. She’s powerful, clear, and focused; and cuts right through my limiting beliefs and stories. This ability - combined with her life experience, healing wisdom, and keen intuition - makes Ceca a badass change agent who supports my ongoing ‘upgrading’ and transformation."

Marie Rodriguez

Experience Cancer *On Your Terms*

Your cancer doesn’t have to define you -- you CAN do your cancer journey differently.

Are you open to something much grander?

+     If you’re looking for an alternate approach to the ‘battle’ or the ‘fight’

+     If you want more out of your journey than 'just' survival; and

+     If you’re open to seeing your cancer as an opportunity

You’ve come to the right place…

It’s time to take charge and confront your cancer!

Hosted by Ceca Mijatovic

Ceca is certified life coach, mathematician and cancer survivor with over 20 years of experience in transforming lives, businesses, and now cancer experiences.

Rather than deep diving into statistics and probabilities when she was diagnosed, she leaned right into her life coaching experience, coaching herself all the way through her cancer crisis and into her recovery. She used cancer as a catalyst for positive change.

“I got more out of my cancer than it got out of me, and I’m on a mission to help other women do the same.”

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