In 4 days I’ll show you how to reinvent your career after cancer (and other crisis) * NEW Dates * June 15-18, 2020 *

As if the cancer wasn’t enough, a pandemic came too! Join me for a 4-day challenge to ease into your new career in just 30 minutes – 4 days in a row – and start reinventing your career and your life.


And if you don’t, your time and energy will be wasted on things you no longer want to do

Even if you’ve beat your cancer - you’re still living with cancer every day. You’re living with your memories of going through cancer, and even might be living with fear of cancer recurrence.

I know. I healed from my uterine cancer, but I’m still living with cancer in so many ways. That’s why it’s essential to reinvent your career and claim your new life!

Because if you don’t name and claim what you want your new career to be, your new career will create itself around you. And if you aren’t intentional about it, that automatic new work life most likely will not be a life you want.

During a crisis such as cancer and Covid-19 many people reevaluate their careers, whether by necessity or choice.

Starting Monday, June 15, I’m going to spend 4 days to teach you how to:

Reevaluate Your Time

Use the power of choice to reevaluate time in your life and how you want to spend your days, months and years ahead

Realign to Your Energy

Claim your truth and realign to your current energy levels: learn how to say No to all non-essentials (you get to define what’s essential to you)

Reprioritize Yourself

Consistently take charge of reprioritizing yourself and your values in the context of your work life, refocusing on *all* that you are










"Working with Ceca is like being illuminated. She’s powerful, clear, and focused; and cuts right through my limiting beliefs and stories. This ability - combined with her life experience, healing wisdom, and keen intuition - makes Ceca a badass change agent who supports my ongoing ‘upgrading’ and transformation."

Marie Rodriguez

What will I get out of it?

  • Four days of lessons to help you identify your unique way of reinventing your working life. 
  • Four worksheets to help you dig deep and get insight into your career recreation. (most of this material is brand new and was created JUST for this challenge) 
  • Community of women with cancer or other crisis on a similar journey, completing the daily lessons side-by-side and providing inspiration and support. 
  • YOU CAN WIN AWESOME PRIZES!!! There will be prizes, and the participant who comes up with the most creative plan to reinvent her career wins a Group Coaching Call and 1-Hour Private Coaching session with me ($600 total value)! 
  • And it’s completely FREE, so what are you waiting for?!

Hosted by Ceca Mijatovic

Ceca is certified life coach and former corporate executive, mathematician and cancer survivor with over 20 years of experience in transforming lives, businesses, and now cancer and career experiences.

Rather than deep diving into statistics and probabilities when she was diagnosed, she leaned right into her life coaching experience, coaching herself all the way through her cancer crisis and into her recovery. She used cancer as a catalyst for positive change in her personal and professional life.

“I got more out of my cancer than it got out of me, and I’m on a mission to help other women do the same.”  ~iCeca

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