Heal Your Cancer with Beginner’s Mind

Jan 24, 2020

Practicing a beginner’s mindset puts you in a position to learn faster and master new skills. 

By consciously deciding to approach a situation as a beginner, you come to it with wonder and curiosity, like a child. 

This is a very different energy and produces very different outcomes than, I should know all this already or I never wanted to learn this in the first place.

Do you remember how little you used to know about cancer? 

Before you were diagnosed, you probably knew almost nothing. 

You probably knew almost nothing about grades and stages and types of cells and the way that cells multiply and different strains of cancer and treatment options and side effects. 

You have learned so much and come so far. 

And as you continue to face the unknown, day by day, do so with beginner’s mind. 

Because no one has ever taught you how to heal cancer. 

You’re a beginner!

Be curious about how to do things differently. Try different things. Observe yourself. Be okay with being uncomfortable. Get cozy with uncertainty. 

Ask for help. 

Spend time with people who have done what you want to do - namely, people who have healed from cancer and are now living a life you admire. 

Trust the process. 


If you want to learn more about beginner's mind and how to use it, join my free private Truth & Dare Cancer Facebook community. It’s a safe space where I and lots of other like-minded women with cancer hang out, support each other, and share our struggles, tips, and helpful tools.



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