From Life True-up to Life Roadmap

Feb 17, 2019

When I was sick, it was so clear that cancer was a trigger for some major inner changes for me. Mind you, I’ve been on a spiritual journey for over two decades at that point, and the last eight years of those twenty were super-intentional about aligning my life to *all* that I am. Yet when cancer hit me, it accelerated and propelled that whole inner growth and experience to another level. I had absolute clarity around what was happening, that I completely surrendered to the spiritual teachings of the disease.

During those long months while I was so sick, there was a point in time when I experienced a clear separation of my soul from my body.

While my body was on a shutdown path (a year later I found out that my Mom and brother were planning my funeral at that time), I was in complete peace, feeling love and being loved.

My mission today, as most of you know, is to help women with cancer heal themselves and recalibrate their lives by using cancer as a powerful catalyst for change. And I say that cancer is a powerful catalyst for change because having cancer pushes you to evaluate all areas and all aspects of your life, and it truly fast-tracks this process that some people may take a lifetime to go through.

This got me thinking, how human nature is really fascinating in that most people need some external compelling event to trigger this life evaluation process!

I suspect the ego part of us is keeping most of the population on a treadmill, moving very fast but not going anywhere.

So when you get the news that you have cancer, after the initial shock and overwhelm, you start evaluating how different aspects of your life potentially contributed to you getting sick, and what are the necessary changes that need to take place. 

You start evaluating areas of your life, such as:

Health habits – your nutrition, exercise, and rest are all being highlighted.

The nature of your work – job, career and work environment are all of the sudden in the spotlight: amount of learning, stress levels, and effort you put in and benefits you get out of your work are all being assessed.

Relationships – with family and friends; with loved ones and those who you would want to be close with, but also those relationships that you do not enjoy and feel they no longer serve you.

Personal Development – looking into self-improvement in terms of evolving and being better than you are today, identifying in which areas of your life you'd like to experience growth.

Spirituality – this area is definitely underscored by having cancer, and in many ways you feel drawn to your higher self, and that all-wise and all-knowing part of you. Cancer and chronic pain are in many ways similar to fasting: they propel you in the direction of your spirit and higher being.

And this process can be daunting and overwhelming within itself, especially if you haven’t done it in the past, and if you don’t already have a roadmap at least for some of these areas.

So here are four steps for gently going through this process and creating framework for your personal roadmap.

For each of the areas of your life go through these four steps:

#1 Drop Regrets – I firmly believe that there are no setbacks in life: just lessons and mileposts, so approach this process with curiosity about what’s possible and with love for how far you’ve traveled to get here today. 

#2 Follow the Feeling States – Identify the feeling states you’d like to experience in each of the areas of your life. So without judgement, just imagine how you'd like each area to be and jot down the feeling states. Note that you are not making any decisions and this stage and no external changes are required.

#3 Create a Workback Plan – Once you have an idea how you’d like to feel, pick one area and one feeling state and work backward in identifying just one step you can take that will get you closer to that feeling state, and repeat this process of going back one step at the time.

#4 Define Your WHY – Why is this feeling state and this particular change important to you? You’ll notice we do a lot of “why” exercises – they are important for your cognitive mind. You need to explain to your ego why you are pursuing an idea or action, so that you can ground and calm that inner voice that’s resisting change and potentially pestering you.

Repeat these four steps for each of the area of your life and you’ll be on your way to creating an awesomely powerful roadmap for your future.

Notice that at this stage you are not making any actual changes (unless you feel like they come naturally for you). I point this out, because all changes begin in your mind first, so make sure to start this process today even if it takes some time to implement and manifest in the physical world.

As the saying goes “change your mind and you can change your life.”

Need clarity and direction on how to create framework for your personal roadmap and use your cancer as a powerful catalyst for change? Let’s get on a brief call and explore how we can achieve that together. Book your free clarity session here.






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