Are you anxious about cancer?

May 05, 2019

 Anxiety and cancer go hand-in-hand.

Even if you’ve never struggled with anxiety before, you might find yourself overwhelmed with it after a diagnosis. And if you’re somebody who has dealt with anxiety throughout your life, you’re probably consumed by anxious thoughts about your Big C.

Here’s the deal -- I can’t cure cancer, but I can help with anxiety. Anxiety is a reaction to what we can’t control, and as you know, cancer is one of those big scary unknown things that we definitely can’t control.

The problem is that your fear about cancer - sickness, death, financial burden - is happening in the future. But your anxiety - racing thoughts, obsession, shortness of breath, adrenaline - is happening right now. And...

Here are three things you can do TODAY for your anxiety:

-- Move your body. Take a walk. Wiggle your toes. Rub your hands lightly over your arms or legs. Any kind of touch or physical stimulation can help reduce anxiety and bring your back into the present moment.

-- Write it all down. Anxiety thinks that it’s helping, so give it a job! Write down everything you’re anxious about, all your worries and fears and whatever crazy thoughts are racing through your head. And then shut your notebook and commit to not thinking about any of it for an hour.

-- Register for SPARK Your Healing. The opposing force of Anxiety is Clarity. That’s why so much of my coaching around cancer has to do with making clear choices, taking back control and feeling empowered. You can register for the SPARK Your Healing event here.


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